Concentrating on the Maryland land and history communities, Martenet Press is dedicated to producing high-quality books and maps having timeless attraction. With roots in the mapmaking, surveying and title industries, our experts "know the landscape," as it were, and bring to the market quality publications that turn heads. We publish both brand-new and ancient works that belong within easy reach of every serious student of Maryland history and real estate. And our old maps, the benchmark of Maryland mapmaking in the 19th century, attract interest in any room where they are displayed.

But don't take our word for it. Click on any one of the items below and browse the sample pages (if a book) or look at the sample part of the map. We are sure you will agree that the work lives up to expectations.

We have long been disappointed at the scarcity of Maryland-focused history, legal and real-estate treatises available on the market. Although there once was a thriving trade in such volumes, and much scholarship devoted to the history of the state, most of those texts have been out of print for decades. Sure, there are reprints available online of some of the classic texts, but these tend to be photo-reproductions of the original pages, and poor copies at that. We intend to fix this situation. We have several volumes in the works that will re-introduce to the market the writings that delighted earlier generations, with completely new typesetting and formatting for enjoyable reading. In the mean time, browse through our site and see what is available so far.

Current Offerings:

The Land-Holder's Assistant: John Kilty

The Land-Holder's Assistant and Land-Office Guide

by John Kilty

Institutes of Boundary Retracement: Joel Leininger

Institutes of Boundary Retracement

by Joel Leininger